Our Story

Our Story

We value food, the environment, and teamwork. Most importantly, we care about you.

Rewind to 2018! A handful of young graduates set out to reinvent the industry by betting on the unique know-how of Montreal artisans.

After all, who cooks better pasta than an Italian restaurateur in Little Italy? Who makes better pastries than a French baker in the Mile-End? Who rolls better sushi than a renowned Japanese chef?

For years, the catering industry has struggled to reinvent itself. Most of all, it has failed to step up to the climatic challenges we face. That is why we have established the respect for the environment and the sustainability of operations as an absolute priority.

The Environment

The Environment

Our obsession: limiting the impact of events on the environment.

Mache aims to become 100% zero waste and obtain a B-Corp certification. In addition to respecting the 3RV principles (reduce, recycle, reuse, recover), we aim to use absolutely no toxic materials, no plastic, no packaging, and to redistribute all our leftovers to qualified organizations.

In order to accomplish these goals, we weigh our waste weekly and set water and energy reduction targets. We measure our impact with the following performance indicators: tonnes of CO2 reduced; tonnes / kg of reduced residual waste, tonnes of reduced cardboard packaging (compost), liters of water saved, tonnes / kg of reduced hazardous waste, and energy saved (kWh).

Meet the team

We are working hard to get there.

We have a strong team that believes in the mission and vision of the company. Our passion for food, the environment, and sustainability is what brings us together. As we keep growing, we seek to keep embracing diversity, gender equality, and inclusion at the workplace.
Adrien de Thoisy Adrien de Thoisy
Adrien de Thoisy
Co-Founder and CEO
Arto Bostffocher Arto Bostffocher
Arto Bostffocher
Felipe Arauz Galarza Felipe Arauz Galarza
Felipe Arauz Galarza
Data Architect
Thibaut Valour Thibaut Valour
Thibaut Valour
Sales Representative
Romane Yang Romane Yang
Romane Yang
Sustainability Coordinator
Mohamed Leila Mohamed Leila
Mohamed Leila